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ocs bjarke-min.png

Bjarke is a they/them out here causing may/hem. They love to have their tits out to show off their top surgery scars. 

I ship them with @Hellishrebuke's Weyland ♡ and the two of them love to shit talk and be general public nuisances. 

Gender: Female

Occupation: Scientist

Nationality: British

ocs ling-min.png


Ling was a child prodigy surgeon, graduating very young under the guidance of both of her surgeon parents. However after growing bored with regulation medical practices, she lost her license due to conducting unethical procedures. After losing her license she turned her skill set to a more shady business path. Here she met Dani (belongs to @jumiroux), a fellow doctor who also loves to do test the limit of the human body and together they do fucked up science, experimenting and modifying unwilling patients ♡.


ocs tore-min.png

Gender: Female

Height: 7"'7'

Occupation: Blacksmith

A local blacksmith out to impress all the girls with her big sweaty muscles and swords that she made herself.

Valeriya, the horned baddie she is smooching here belongs to @Hellishrebuke

Gender: Female

Animal fusion: Double headed snake

Occupation: Raver

ocs echo-min.png


Echo is an experiment gone wrong, gone right. In an attempt to enhance humans in new ways, a scientist tried to graft a doubled headed snake onto the head of a young echo. However the experiment didn't work, killing echo and while taking echo's dead body out to be disposed of, an old telephone wire broke and struck the car, zapping both of them with incredible amounts of electricity, somehow reviving echo and making the experiment a success. As the scientist was heavily injured from the electricity, echo managed to escape, and found her way to a club called ouroboros, where she was taken in by the owner, where she now spends her days partying.

Echo is mute and cannot speak, however her snakes can speak for her, as can they share thoughts.

She and her snakes get on.